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What is a QuickBooks Accounting software ASP?

Any application, including accounting software such as QuickBooks, can be hosted on an ASP. This means that instead of installing and running the application on the local network, the QuickBooks accounting software is installed and run on the terminal server of the ASP. The end users, in turn, access the application as a local desktop interface. Thus, essentially all the network resides with the QuickBooks ASP and hence the application runs as smoothly on any PCs at the user’s end. Consequently, each time you upgrade to new editions or versions of QuickBooks you do not need to invest again in upgrading servers or systems.

Since the QuickBooks application is installed and run on the ASP’s terminal server you can access the application from anyplace anytime, get a secured access to the centralized database. Alternatively, Cloud hosting platform is also an option. There are other advantages of QuickBooks ASP service in terms of Multiuser collaboration and data security as the centralized database cab be protected better by providing for the latest security and monitoring tools, password protected access and through multiple data backup.

Accessing QuickBooks through an ASP :


If you opt for an Application service provider to Host QuickBooks there is no need to invest upfront in the IT infrastructure as the services of an ASP is available on a pay-per-month basis. So you pay only for what you use and not for the future and not for future provisioning needs as any numbers of users can be added anytime at short notice.

Getting QuickBooks hosted on an ASP ensures that you get the latest technology in terms of servers, security tools as well as data protection tools. Also by going for a QuickBooks ASP, the small business can ensure that they are able to avail the latest technology without investing in actually buying them. Thus no more server or system upgrade investment in backup facilities or security monitoring tools.

By using the service of a QuickBooks ASP, you ensure that you are always in command of your business as the application management is in the hands of the ASP technical expertise. Right from the process of installing QuickBooks, the Application Service Provider takes care of software upgrades and troubleshooting as well.

The cost of running an application includes software, hardware as well as IT infrastructure maintenance costs. With QuickBooks ASP the cost of ownership for the accounting software gets reduced as there is no investment in the local network, provisioning for IT support costs or setting up backup and security tools as all these services are provided by the QuickBooks accounting software ASP.

Setting up a local network to enable running QuickBooks in a collaborative multiuser environment is both time and cost sensitive. Going for a QuickBooks accounting software ASP however can solve scalability and cost issues. So you don’t have to provision beforehand for future IT infrastructure needs. We can add any numbers of users in hours, at short notice. So you pay for what you use and have flexibility to scale upwards when your business demands.

Other Accounting software that can be hosted

Besides QuickBooks, much other accounting software can also be hosted. We can host Peachtree small business accounting software as well as MYOB. Besides Tax and CRM applications can be hosted. CRM Applications such as ACT! by Sage and Tax software such as Lacerte, ProSeries, Drake, and ATX can be hosted.
QuickBooks ASP service also supports all QuickBooks Add-ons on terminal servers as well. QuickBooks add-ons not only enhance the functionality of the program but also make the application more suitable to industry-specific requirements and in the process prove time and resource saving for small Business.

Why Real Time Cloud Services are the Leading QuickBooks ASP?

Real Time Cloud Services is the leading QuickBooks ASP and has its service includes hosting of much other accounting, tax, and CRM application so as to offer complete financial management hosting packages.
Real-time Cloud Services excels as a QuickBooks ASP as:

  • The Hosting service is available at most affordable prices
  • Use of latest terminal server technology for hosting QuickBooks so that there is almost remote server downtime possibility and latest security tools for network access.
  • Highly secured data centers: we are SAS-II certified Tier IV data centers ensuring the highest level of security for your data and dual data backup in multiple locations ensure that your data is additionally protected.
  • Fanatical IT help desk support:  You get 24x7x365  support and troubleshooting included with the service. The QuickBooks ASP support is available in the form of phone, email or chat.
  • Monthly subscription based service where you pay only for the infrastructure you use. Hosting with a QuickBooks ASP has the additional advantage of scalability wherein you can add any number of users at a short notice.
  • Get discounts when you host other applications besides QuickBooks. Further volume discounts available as well.

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