Application Hosting

We provide application hosting services to businesses which is also a cloud-based service. You can now run your business software application directly on our cloud server without affecting its performance. Your business application is run on a real-time basis, giving you access to your data and security at the same time.

Application hosting is also referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS). Basically, application hosting makes the software application available from a remote cloud infrastructure that is accessed through the internet.

Thus, with the application hosting service, you can easily access your application from anywhere and anytime. Application hosting is a perfect solution for your business if you are looking for cost effectiveness in operating your business. Our application hosting service ensures a hassle-free application performance.

How Application Hosting Works?

Our application hosting service functions in the cloud server which lets you operate and manage your applications and data instantly on the cloud. Application hosting service accurately gathers and analyzes both business and technical requirements. This is done in order to ensure fast and secure business operation.

Applications are hosted and powered from the remote cloud infrastructure and are accessed globally through the internet. Thus, applications that are hosted on the cloud are updated more easily and quickly.

Hosted applications may sometimes also be known as internet-based applications, online applications and Web applications. As the name suggests, applications are run on hosted cloud via the internet.

Our services of hosted applications are among the pioneer service model of cloud services. You receive a similar application functionality experience through your Web browser as if it were like a desktop application. In other words, you get the same feeling of running your applications on our hosted cloud server online just as you run your applications on your computer or device.

Hosted applications are designed to be accessed through Web browsers and operating systems and therefore, they pose a low risk of local system corruption. Moreover, hosted applications are routinely updated and patched with the most stable versions in order to prevent it from causing issues and errors.

Benefits of Application Hosting Services

There are many benefits of our application hosting services. The various benefits of our application hosting services are as follows:

Instant application availability

Low maintenance

Affordable hosting service

Risk-free management

Easy integration

Data sharing

Data backup

Reduced operation cost

Easily accessible from anywhere

Support from the experts

Application hosting cloud services are secure and works globally through an internet connection. Hosted applications are deployed easily, as compared to the conventional software applications because they do not require installation and they have minimal integration requirements.

Thus, this way, you can have your business applications run securely on our hosted cloud server and access your data from any device anywhere you are. Our hosted application services are very flexible, reliable, secure and cost-effective.

Below mentioned are the benefits of accessing hosted applications:

With application hosting, you are not bound to the precincts of the local network. Access application anytime, from anywhere in the multiuser environment.

No in-house server, technology manpower or equipment required.

24x7x365 customer support is available.

Since all the applications are run on our servers, you would not need to buy servers or upgrade systems.

We do believe in 0% server downtime and deliver too! The SAS-II certified datacenters with RAID technology makes sure that the load balancing and fault resistant configuration makes the application easily accessible with no error.

This is as easy as intimating us of any additional requirements and we would configure that in no time. Thus, pay as you go.

With our application hosting service, you get reliability, security for your data. We provide real time monitoring of your network for data security and risk assessment.

The data is backed up on a regular basis.

Application hosting leads to reduced application ownership costs. You can save up to 60% on IT investments. It makes your budget management focused. You can save your costs on:

  1. Backup facility
  2. Server/system upgrade
  3. Management and support
  4. Security Tools

We can install the hosted applications and integrate with cloud environment with no investment in hardware, engineering support or server infrastructure, in a fraction of time.

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