CLOUD NETWORK USA allows both small and medium-sized businesses to host a number of business application software packages on its fast and spacious cloud server.

The Lacerte tax software, as the name suggests, helps these certified ProAdvisors and professional accountants to file their returns periodically, quickly and without any error. The software’s user-friendly interface lets an individual integrate their data flawlessly. The user-friendly interface of the application software package has several built-in features, menus and options which makes it very attractive and a better choice. The application software package is very easy to operate.


The importance of using Lacerte tax software package can be explained with a few features and benefits. Although the software package consists of a wide range of features that make it a well-deserved choice for certified ProAdvisors and professional accountants as well..

The main features of Lacerete tax software package includes the following:

  • Automatically apply for e-filing of your tax returns.
  • You can easily preview your tax returns form before printing it.
  • Access your tax returns and other forms with just a few single clicks and faster input.
  • The software can be easily incorporated with the Lacerte Document Management system which allows users to recover files of their clients with minimal effort.
  • It lets you search for missing data quickly and easily.
  • It helps you save a lot of time and effort.

The features mentioned above lets you manage your tax returns without any difficulty.

We provide a dedicated server to host the Lacerte tax software on the cloud for faster and easy access.

Also, the Lacerte tax software package provides you the following benefits:


  • Dedicated private server to host your software


  • Easy setup and data transfer




  • Daily maintenance and updates of the server
  • Daily backups availability
  • Live technical support 24-7
  • Easily accessible via all operating system platforms






  • Devices supported includes desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet

CLOUD NETWORK USA provides storage space, user login page, secured ports and managed Firewall for better security.

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