CLOUD NETWORK USA has dedicated servers where small and medium-sized business owners can easily host their applications and integrate them with other software applications or add-ons. The integration of software applications allows you to have more flexibility in your business. Business owners and professional accountants can easily access the applications that are hosted on our dedicated server.

Businesses that require or hire professional accountants in order to handle the accounts will find this method very helpful as it will save your time and money. Your business requires good software tools in order to get the desired results. Better tools gives you accuracy and efficiency. The tools are powerful enough to help you record and maintain your daily business transactions, records and other important data.

Get Your Applications Integrated When You Require

We help you integrate your hosted software applications with other applications or add-ons on our servers. This service requires no additional hefty cost and can easily be carried out as per your requirements.

You can avail all the necessary benefits of our cloud services which can help you improve your business and make better productivity with your clients. For instance, if your are using QuickBooks as your business accounting software, you can easily integrate your QuickBooks software application with any of supported software application so that you can have access to your files and company data from any device, anytime and anywhere.

Also, you do not have to worry about your software applications that are hosted on our cloud server as the applications are secured with our enhanced technology that prevents your company’s critical data from being compromised. We assure complete security of your important data.

Software applications are supported on various operating system platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Apple iOS and Android. This means that you can have access to your files from any supported devices like the desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet. Hence, this gives you flexibility with mobility.

When you integrate an application with another software application on our server, you are able to perform more actions as needed for your business and makes your workflow very smooth.

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