How To Find The Best Cloud Hosting Providers

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All businesses are moving to cloud hosting solutions for complex free security and growth. Now the main point arises is how to find the best  Cloud Hosting Service providers according to quality and price as well. We went through many articles and find out some points about the best cloud hosting service provider. Where maximum has shared some common points which we want to show here so that you can get your best Cloud Hosting Service provider

Cloud hosting is a kind of virtual place where your site is stored on multiple servers, you can take your data wherever need it. This feature makes cloud hosting a scalable, reliable, secure, and flexible type of solution. If we are not wrong there are a number of Cloud Hosting Service providers to choose from. And finding the best one can be a confusing part for you. This is the reason why we’ve undertaken hours of research to find out some points for the best Cloud Hosting Service provider in the business.

Points to Remember to Get the Best Cloud Hosting Service Provider

These are the list of some crucial points that you should undoubtedly consider when planning to select Cloud Hosting Service providers. We will describe in short these points to let you understand a little bit before taking your decision:

Scalable Resources

You need to make sure that you get a web hosting plan with sufficient bandwidth, storage, and disk space. To do this, you need to know how much traffic you will get. New websites face a common dilemma when they are looking for a hosting plan.

Security Measures

Security is one of the most priority factors one should consider before selecting a cloud hosting provider. A genuine Cloud Hosting Service provider must provide well security measures. In order to protect the data of their clients against theft. Even they should be well prepared for mishappening like natural disasters to ensure that their clients continue to work on the cloud server without any trouble.

Customer support

A good Customer support team makes your work easy and complex free. It becomes a need while performing multiple tasks at once.

Intuit Authorized

 The company should be Intuit authorized, it will be assured to meet your business needs because Intuit takes all necessary analysis before selecting for an authorized host provider.

Uptime Offered 

The total number of hours your hosting providers provide the availability of QuickBooks on a cloud network, that is called Uptime. Be sure they are providing high uptime, and it should be qual as mentioned in the SLA so that you can be confident in its work.

Location of your Data Center 

To know how much your data is secure with the service provider, make sure you have an idea where the data center is located. 

Data Backup 

You should know how frequently your host provider used to save a backup of your data. This also defines the loss of your data if any happens before taking backups.

Hosting Services

All different version of Quickbooks has its own unique benefits. Selecting the best Cloud Hosting Service providers that host a limited version of QuickBooks may not reliable for you. 

So we highly recommend selecting Cloud Hosting Service providers that offer hosting solutions for all the versions of QuickBooks.

Technical Support

The availability of a good team of Technical support really an important factor to solve the technical glitches.  

Flexible Environment 

As cloud hosting stores your data in a virtual environment that is quite flexible and secure. So make sure your Cloud Hosting Service providers provide a flexible environment to access your data. 

Clients Catered

This survey provides you the exact position and detailed knowledge about the reputation of the company in the market. An experienced  Cloud Hosting Service providers know really well how to solve any hosting related bugs. So, connect with the Cloud Hosting Service providers who are experienced and offers cloud service to a good number of clients.


Most traditional hosting plans require you to pay a fixed monthly rate. You will be charged this amount even if you do not use all the resources on the server.

Costs should be a notable point because it gives you with full knowledge of how a hosting provider spending on technology. And more than that go for the hosting provider according to your financial condition because not everyone affords the same, so be genuine.

Speed and Performance

Uptime rate, speed, and performance should be a priority for every website owner. If your hosting plan does not provide the best performance, it does not matter how good, new, or high-tech the solution. Most cloud hosting servers will increase the capacity of your website, which increases your page loading speed.

Cloud hosting does not put as much stress on a singular server, if you have a shared, dedicated, or IPS plan, it is the same way. If your website has a lot of resource-intensive data such as videos, pictures, and other media content, then cloud hosting is something that you need to take advantage of.

Customer Service

The best  Cloud Hosting Service providers offer the best customer service for their clients. QuickBooks may be a complex application for most companies because it creates some glitches.  So here they need the best customer service to deal with it.


We hope the above information gives you the solution related to your question. In case your shared plan is no longer suitable for the needs of your company, then you must think about switching to a cloud solution. So who are the best  Cloud Hosting Service Providers? It depends on the above-listed factor we have discussed. If you are still not able to understand any point then contact our QuickBooks support team at  +1-888-461-1545.  Our supporting team always ready to help.

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