Why Uptime Matter in QuickBooks Hosting: Importance & Disadvantages

If someone has a background in the accounting industry, you surely heard about the QuickBooks Desktop Accounting Software. This QuickBooks Accounting Software is most widely used in the accounting field with amazing features and different versions, serving all the sections of the industry, be it startups, SMBs, or multinational combinations. Uptime in QuickBooks Hosting provides web hosting services and tells what fraction of web host operating hours are incident-free.

And, in the last few years, the accounting industry has seen a fast evolution with advanced technologies with advanced features such as cloud accounting software taking the center stage. This is because of the reason that cloud technology offers them better improvements, that were never before imaginable by accounting professionals. Cloud accounting software has given new rules now, with most business running their QuickBooks Desktop On The Cloud. Still, there is heritage hardware is used in some departments, whereas clouds provide more and mobile environments for the accountants.

And accountants can now work on QuickBooks (QB), from anywhere at any time with their smartphones, laptops, or tablets by just logging into their Cloud Account Software. This also improved portability that helps them to achieve a work-life balance as never before. They can now simply bring their own device in offices, reducing capital cost, and minimizing their office space.

Uptime in QuickBooks Hosting

Uptime in QuickBooks Hosting can be defined as the time of QuickBooks Software is up and running on a system. And, simply uptime is a measure of reliability. Uptime tells about what fraction of your web host operating hours are incident-free. And, uptime typically comes as a percentage.

And you can simply calculate uptime by the simple formula-

Uptime = (total no. of hours your QuickBooks is functional/total no of hours in a year) * 100.

That’s why uptime typically comes as a percentage. And that’s why also a web hosting providers like to crow about an abundance of nines, as 99% from up to 99.999% +. A percentage close to 100% indicates that a web’s host servers are up almost all the time, and also means the website will be, too.

If your web host guarantees you that a certain uptime percentage will upfront. Then, you will know what level of availability and performance you can expect from any website you host with them.

Importance of 

1. Trust among customers
Building trust among customers is one of the most important tasks of any business as a trustworthy company is more likely to grow, but if customers will face a regular interruption in the service which they receive, then more questions about the trustworthiness of the company will arise. Therefore, a QuickBooks hosting solution with high uptime is very necessary for any type of business dealing with any industry.

2. Continuity in the business
The productivity of your business is the pure outcome of how you manage your workflow. Other than a better working environment, proper resources, and flexibility, the continuity of your workflow also plays a major part in deciding the quantity and quality of your productivity. If you or your employees will always face interruption in their workflow then it will have a direct effect on your work. A QuickBooks cloud hosting solution with high uptime makes sure that you work in an uninterrupted environment in order to maintain your productivity and effectiveness.

3. For USP
Having a USP in the current market condition can prove to be the greatest gift and an advantage for you. A USP can help you to be ahead of your competitors and thus generating and attracting more customers towards your product or service. One of the easiest ways to develop a USP for your business is by being available for your customer in most cases. Your customer can contact you for queries or problems at any point in time and if you are not available for them in such situations then even your loyal customers can move away from you.

But effective solutions such as QuickBooks cloud hosting makes sure that you are always available for your customer as it offers high uptime in 99.99% of the cases.

The Insecurity That Is Downtime

Downtime is the main cause of your business productivity which brings your business downwards. And also it affects the business more than the money when they are not delivered the assured tasks on time. But, what are the reasons for the system or server that not be functional? And here we explain a number of reasons, which are-

  • The local IT setup is not resistant to hardware failures. Every single hardware has a bounded time and also sometimes bounded by malfunctions. The harshness of the local IT setup means if something happens to the system like the crash of hard drives, it has to be replaced manually.
  • The time taken for doing this is instant downtime for the company and QuickBooks can’t be accessible at that time.
  • The QuickBooks setup is subjected to several minor and major issues. To identify and resolve these problems, that you need a good IT team. If there is a small delay from your IT department, you will be left with significant downtime. And, moreover, they should be attentive 24 hours to give a response as soon as possible.
  • And, there is also the danger of cyberthreats such as Ransomware. So for that, your local IT team should be very attentive.   

Disadvantages of uptime in QuickBooks Hosting

Productivity Losses

Most modern-day workplaces follow a Bring Your Own Device Policy to cut down on the infrastructural costs. Ever since cloud hosting became popular, the BYOD market is set to hit a valuation of $367 billion by 2022 and improves productivity by 34%. Considering the rising popularity of BYOD, most companies now rely on a central internet connection and access to organizational data through these dedicated networks.

The Cost of Technical Expertise

If you’re working with cloud-hosted QuickBooks and you encounter an error, there’s no way to resolve the issue unless a certified technician takes a look at it. For companies that are working with in-house servers, they’ll need to invest in a team of specialists specifically to keep the servers running.

If you’re using third-party hosting services, you need to be sure that they know their stuff. The crash could have come from anywhere—hardware, software, or intermediate connection, and diagnosing that problem is quite a challenge. Finding replacement hardware is costly and time-consuming. If you’ve been subjected to a cyber-attack, then you need to scramble all possible resources to contain the situation and, there’s so much more to consider.

The Rising Threat of Cyber Attacks

Back in 2016, the White House released a shocking statistic, Cyber Attacks cost the economy nearly $109 billion in losses as well as containment.  The problem with cyber attacks is that it ripples across everyone that’s part of the system, so if you’re an eCommerce service provider, an attack will likely affect you and your customers and vendors.

The most notable example of downtime from cyber attacks is the one on Yahoo! that led to information leaks from 3 billion accounts across the world. We don’t even have a number on the total damages caused by the attack, but Yahoo! was sold for peanuts on the market in the aftermath.

Why uptime in QuickBooks Hosting

As more nines don’t automatically make for a better web host overall. Don’t go chasing after all nines above all else. When it comes to web hosting, don’t think ideas like “99.999%”, can get very costly, and very quickly. It is not entirely doubtful to have another “0” fixed onto the end of your total hosting cost for every “9” you add to “99.99%”. After all, no server works 100% of all the time. So, the infrequent glitch is unavoidable. You have to ask yourself how important it is to minimize that unplanned glitch. And how much you have prepared for that. Yes, interruptions are expensive and inconvenient. So, it’s better to spend your money on a plan that gives you more of the resources that your website requires.

In general, 99.5% guaranteed uptime is a good minimum. If you can get good guarantees for higher uptime to pay an extra pound for your hosting plan, then go for it.


Some businesses will choose cloud server providers, simply in their affordable pricing plan and do not pay much consideration to the uptime. However, uptime gives you a general idea of a web hosting provider’s reliability. It approximates the performance of your provider’s system. And it gives you an idea of the level of service you can expect for the website you host with them. 

The coverage from the provider’s uptime in QuickBooks Hosting guarantee or service-level-agreement (SLA), that what actually matters. A high uptime value ultimately leads to high productivity, which means better ROI. 

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