How can you Update QuickBooks Desktop to the Latest Release?

You can achieve your business aim by just having a suitable QuickBooks product of the current version or the latest release. If you are using QuickBooks Software then, you must have an updated version of it so that whenever a new feature or service is released, you will get the service automatically. And, if you are the owner of a company and changing to this innovative accounting software. Then you will have the upgrades edition of this software. So let’s know how you can update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release.

You can download the upgrade version of the QuickBooks from the Internet provided by the Intuit. These updates will assist you in enhancing the feature functionality and fix many several problems. And, the updates are called maintenance release or patches which are cost free for subscribed users.

But, firstly you should know why we need to update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release.

There are several reasons for upgrading it. Go through below mentioned reasons, you will know the reasons.

  1. Because we can manage the software easily.
  2. Gives many advanced features for managing the account.
  3. It will provide some latest knowledge on new technologies and the features.
  4. In the QuickBooks, you can easily end your work activities.
  5. Also, you will get advanced assistance from the QuickBooks Support Service department.

Three methods to update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release

For the upgrade, you need good internet connectivity so that there is no interruption between the downloading process.

  1. Automatic QuickBooks Update (default settings).
  2. Immediate QuickBooks Update.
  3. Release Download.

And, after the process of downloading, all the essential files will be installed in their location and folders in your system by QuickBooks itself. Also, you get the prompt of update installation when you come to start the QuickBooks. To allow the updates, you have to restart your computer. If you are using multi-user mode of QuickBooks, then it is necessary to install the update on your desktop.

Automatic QuickBooks Update Method

QuickBooks will initiate the updates downloading itself from the server until you switch off the option of ‘Automatic Update’. Because it is already setted up to automatically download updates. So, go through these instructions to enable or disable the Automatic Update.

  • Go to the Help drop down list and press the update QuickBooks option.
  • Then in the update QuickBooks window, press the options.
  • Select the yes for enabling the automatic update or No for disable.
  1. If you click on Yes i.e, enable the option then for the future you have to select which notification you want or which is not.
  2. And, if you click on No i.e, disable the option then you will no longer get the notification regarding the updates. But, you will get a reminder to check the update if you want to check it.
  • Then press the Save button and close it.

You can also the other option for immediate update method, if you have any problem with this automatic update. Also, you can contact us on QuickBooks Support Customer Service. Because, many users have different situations with their systems.

Immediate QuickBooks Update Method:

So, by this method, you can quickly download the QuickBooks updates by just going on the browser from your computer. And, it is necessary to check it once in one month for new updates. If you download the QuickBooks upgraded version then, it will be beneficial for you and your work to work easily. Go through these below steps for immediate update:

  • As usual go to the Help dropdown list and press the QuickBooks update.
  • Then select the Update Now button.
  • Click on updates for download and select the Get updates. Also, press on the maintenance release link to ensure what the features you will get in the new updates.
  • After that, leave the software, you will get a notification for installing the update. After installing, restart your computer/

Release Download

If you do not want to install the update version by using the QuickBooks feature of update or having any issue with feature of update. Then, you can download and install the updates which are available. If you are using multi-copies of QuickBooks then update them all, otherwise you will have to face some kind of error while opening your company file.

Upgrade for multi-user mode in QB Pro and in QB Premier

You have to install the update for each computer if you are using QuickBooks Pro and Premier both in multi-user mode. And, you can share the updated version of QuickBooks to other systems or download it one by one on every system.

Follow these steps to share an update:

  • Go to the shared company file
  • Then, in the Help menu, press on the QuickBooks Updates.
  • After that, press the options.
  • And then set the share download choice to yes.
  • In the last, just save it.

And when you switch on the option of share download then QuickBooks updates are stored in the same directory as the company file.


If you follow these steps carefully, then you will surely update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release by yourself. And do not have to face any problem while updating your software. If you still have any problems or any query in which you need our support then feel free to contact us at QuickBooks Support Number.

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