Error : Unable to Export to Excel from QuickBooks

A business owner can easily manage their business by just doing some clicks on the system with the help of QuickBooks. The QuickBooks accounting software provides many amazing features like accounting operations in the cloud-based version. But sometimes, this software generates some errors. And, the error of unable to export to excel from QuickBooks is one of the serious problems that will create an obstacle in your work. And, this error might be generated because the software is not able to run the drive for your system. So, in this article we are going to talk about this error including causes and its solutions.

When you ever try to upgrade your QuickBooks then there might be chances to face this error. And if you attempt to open a CSV file which is not working because of QuickBooks is unable to export to excel.

Reason of export to excel error in QuickBooks

  • The damaged Microsoft Excel software.
  • Or, The file registry is not opening and working properly.
  • The software of QuickBooks is corrupted.

Immediate steps for Exporting into the Excel:

  • Initially, click on the Company option in QuickBooks.
  • Click on the Reports, Company and financial.
  • Then select the Profit and loss standard.
  • Press on the Excel and make a new spreadsheet.
  • After that, press on the export and open in MS-Excel.
  • Go to the QuickBooks and press on the Excel and then create a new Worksheet.
  • Then send a report to excel.
  • After that, create a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file.
  • Enter the filename and save it.

What is Export Error?

While exporting and subsequent import of payroll journal entries then some conditions occur.

  • Account type should be dissimilar from Account CS and QuickBooks Accounts. But, use the same description as QuickBooks for one or more accounts in the Accounting CS.
  • The information of Accounting detail and account number of QuickBooks can different which does not recognize exported transactions. To stop this occurring IIF file before importing the transaction which adds the QuickBooks accounts.

Problems faced in MAC of export because of:

  • The requirement of QuickBooks for Mac 2016 R5 or previous MAC OS 10.10.2.
  • Intel Core Duo or higher is suggested.
  • Requirement of 2-4GB RAM.
  • 250mb space is at least required.
  • Need of proper internet connection for QuickBooks Payroll with complete functioning adobe reader for easily printing forms.

Solutions of Unable to Export to Excel from QuickBooks

Method 1:

  • In the beginning, click on the Edit button then on Preferences.
  • Then, press the Payroll & Employees option.
  • Choose the Company Preference button.
  • The user needs to select the Full Payroll button and create a fake Employee.
  • After that, you have to create a fresh and new QuickBooks online account.

Method 2:

  • Firstly, shut the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Copy all the content of the company file to the Desktop.
  • Then, go to the QuickBooks Desktop and open the file.
  • After that, click on open or restore the company where you have saved the company file.

Method 3:

  • Initially, sign in to the QuickBooks account and click on the Gear Icon.
  • Then, press on the option given of Company settings.
  • After that fill the information required such as contact info or other info.
  • Press the Save button then you have done here.
  • And lastly, go to the QuickBooks Desktop and do the import action again.

Method 4:

  • Initially, sign in to the QuickBooks account and click on the Gear Icon.
  • Press the Internet choice given there and then Security option.
  • Then, choose the Trusted Sites choices.
  • Untick the Enable Protected Mode.
  • Tap on the sites and from the trusted sites list add
  • Then press the done button and then shut it.

How to fix QuickBooks is unable to export to excel in MAC?

  • Ensure that the version you are using is compatible with your system.
  • For working with QuickBooks, make sure that your system completes the requirements needed.
  • If the above is properly completed then there must be the issue in installation of excel or QuickBooks software.
  • So just for ensuring that there is nor problem in excel installation or QuickBooks installation, re-register all the keys with Microsoft by re-installation or repair the Microsoft office.
  • And, a proper and clean installation is suggested to solve this issue.


I hope the above article will help in solving the error of unable to export excel from QuickBooks. And, still you have any query or any problem related to QuickBooks accounting software. You can just dial our QuickBooks Support Number for free assistance. Our QuickBooks team will help from anywhere or at any time whenever you want.

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