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QuickBooks Pro Cloud Hosting service helps you to take advantage of hosting on any device of your choice, despite the restriction of your favorite QuickBooks pro location. QuickBooks Pro is a version that has versatile accounting tools and an easy to understand dashboard. To add to the long list of benefits of QuickBooks Pro, the software can also be hosted on the cloud. QuickBooks Pro Cloud Hosting is, thus, an advanced and rigorous accounting solution geared towards meeting the needs of all small and medium-sized businesses.

Powerful accounting software is likely to have an assortment of features, enabling small businesses to accurately update their accounting functions. With QuickBooks Pro Cloud, payments can be accepted and payroll functions can be managed on-the-go. The whole idea of ​​cloud hosting is the ability to work from anywhere at any time of the day. With this, you can focus on other quintessential ventures of business while, at the same time, you can also keep a record of your expenditure. 

Importance of QuickBooks Pro Cloud Hosting

QuickBooks Pro Cloud Hosting is the most prevalent accounting solution that is an industry-standard and is used by various clients across various domains such as small/mid-sized businesses, CPA firms, accounting, nonprofits, and tax preparation duties. 

With the help of QuickBooks Pro cloud Hosting, you will be able to get flexible access, increased security, higher uptime, and many other benefits that can help your business grow.

The task is to have a service provider who understands your needs and fulfills all that is required without compromising the security of the data. 

There are a few things to keep in mind before looking for a service provider. Here is some importance:-

  • Before you start discussing your aspirations about how the software works with a service provider, don’t forget that they cannot control the functionality of the software. 
  • The software is a fixed approach for everyone and is not designed for anyone, but the features provided with Intuit QuickBooks Pro itself can make an internal change.
  • It is Intuit’s only decision that versions and versions of QuickBooks can be hosted on the cloud and for which online subscriptions have to be purchased. 
  • With the limited choice offered by Intuit, the hosting service provider then makes another selection of versions and versions that it will host. So before getting the details, find out if the required version and versions are hosted by you.
  • Keep yourself restrained between policies revolving around upgrades and updates to your software. Whether they update and upgrade the updated software and when they are prompted and they charge for it for other necessary details.

Benefits of QuickBooks Pro Cloud Hosting

From the details given below, you will get to know its benefits, you should read these details and know about it.

1. Efficient Expense Management

It’s all easier for efficient cash management with this version of  QuickBooks Cloud Hosting. Information on payment of recurring bills and due dates can be managed better with the help of software. Customer’s bank accounts can be linked directly to checks printed from QuickBooks.

It also features a stack of tracking and management tools, which help to sustain company expenses. Using QuickBooks Pro Cloud allows you to track outstanding vendor bills and complete payments. Checks can also be printed in bulk directly from the software.

2. Get rid of Physical Desktops

Moving your QuickBooks Pro installation to the cloud will free you from dependence on local machines. As a business, you might have to work on systems that may not be able to run more applications than they already do. You have the choice of either upgrading the hardware (or software) of each of your workstations or install new applications on a virtual desktop. The advantage of this approach is multifold. 

Users can continue to run applications in the background while using QuickBooks Pro on their virtual machines. Additionally, the resource usage on the local machine will be limited to the requirement of running the virtual machine.

3. Round-the-clock Remote Access

This is virtually the most iconic feature of cloud hosting of any of your favorite software. By having a device connected to the Internet, you can manage your data and services from any corner at any odd time of the day. If you are on the cloud then time and geographical location are no longer an obstacle. QB Pro hosting on the cloud makes life a lot easier as it provides round the clock data availability and access to all transactions, data, and inputs.

So, if you are highly results-driven and want to work on your company’s file from anywhere, then look no further. QuickBooks Pro Hosting is here to save the day. With this, thinking of your employees’ time zones as a barrier will be a thing of the past. Collaborative, round-the-clock work with QB Pro hosting on the cloud is now possible.

4. Effective Sales Invoicing

With QuickBooks Pro, customers can monitor and track deals and create receipts, invoices automatically. Customers can run e-exchanges as emails to send invoices. With QB Pro on the cloud, individual and bulk billing options also have variability.

5. User-Friendly

When it comes to switching to new software, one thing that every customer desires is for it to be user-friendly. Even if the given software is highly equipped yet has a jargon of steps to perform, not many would want to opt for it. But, this isn’t something that you need to worry about when using QuickBooks Pro. It is designed to support accountants in the most ideal manner and is easy-to-use. QB Pro comes with a virtual introduction process, and most of its features can be accessed and activated with just a single click.

6. Integrate Popular Third-party Applications

As powerful as it is as a standalone application, QuickBooks Desktop applications can easily be integrated with third-party apps for enhancing its functionality. Commonly used applications like MS Excel add value to QuickBooks Pro by simplifying tasks. It is possible to install applications compatible with QuickBooks on the same virtual machines without additional load on the local desktops or servers. With this facility, data can seamlessly flow to and fro the connected applications without any lag. It is easier for them to run synchronously on a dedicated machine than on a desktop with several applications running in parallel. By doing so, users can continue to leverage the existing workflows to automate tasks.

7. Protect your Data Ever

It is much safer to store accounting data on the cloud than on personal computers and local servers. Hosting services have dedicated servers that are protected against a range of threats that your business might not be able to handle in its capacity. Providers use a complex firewall and sophisticated anti-virus and anti-malware systems that provide enterprise-level security with your subscription at no additional cost. 

QuickBooks data is encrypted end-to-end so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Besides, there are additional layers of security implemented through permissions to access accounts hosted on the cloud. Security is further strengthened by intrusion prevention and detection systems.

Free 24/7 Technical Support

We have a highly regarded customer support, which is considered to be one of the best in the industry. Our support staff is trained IT personnel capable of handling any query. They help with the setup and customization of your account and migration of data to the new system. You can reach them 24/7 by live chat, phone, or email.

Services of QuickBooks Pro Cloud Hosting

From the details given below, you will get to know its services, you should read these details and know about it.

Multiple Location Data Backup

There is no need to get worried about data loss as there would be a backup on multiple services located in different data centers. QuickBooks Pro Cloud Hosting provides this functionality for the user to get better in the organization. 

Streamlined Accessibility

By hosting your QB Pro software on the cloud you can access your company file and data easily through any devices with web compatibility and at any time of the day.

Better Tracking and Quick Modifications

You can even make changes, monitor and analyze the data of accounting files from the home, office, or any other place, and can also conveniently.

Infrastructure Flexibility

By hosting business owners get an added advantage of the more stable environment with the option of expanding the software as and when is required.

Round the Clock Support

Another advantage is highly effective and round the clock/ 24×7 customer support. We have highly technical and trained IT personnel who can better handle your needs.

Hassle-Free IT Solution

You can avail of our Hosted QuickBooks Pro plans at highly competitive rates, which are among the lowest in the industry. There are no hidden charges.IT problems faced with the software become a headache for the service provider. Thus the owner can focus on other key areas that will bring in more profit and growth.

No Setup Fee

If you are worried about the setup fee for QuickBooks Pro hosting then choosing HighnessCloud will turn out to be the most fruitful and economical decision as we don’t charge any setup fee and it comes built-in with the package you choose.

No Agreement

You can discontinue the cloud service whenever you want as there is no agreement or clause which stops you from withdrawing our services at any point of the service.

Multiple Accesses

QuickBooks Pro software hosted over cloud offers the benefit of multi-user accessibility wherein the owner and employees along with essential bookkeepers and accountants can simultaneously access and update company files which reduces delay and issue of transferring files from one person to another.

Why We Choose QuickBooks Pro Hosting on Cloud

​QuickBooks Pro is the most powerful accounting software for any small and mid-size companies. It provides industry-standard features and also it is used by several CPA firms, small and midsize businesses, nonprofits, and professionals for their accounting and tax preparation tasks. With the help of a robust, versatile, and advanced accounting solution like QuickBooks Pro, managing books will become an easy, accurate, quick, routine, and secure. The amazing QuickBooks Pro desktop software is already equipped with various advanced accounting features and tools but by hosting it on the cloud, you are able to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of this modern-day accounting solution by a mile. The amazing accounting tools and features of QuickBooks accounting software with the power and long list of benefits from cloud hosting give you an ultimate accounting solution that works like a magic wand for your business. 


QuickBooks Pro cloud hosting can be the magic wand that you were looking for to grow your business. It will save unnecessary expenses and offer world-class resources and data security. Hope you like the above details, and also it will be useful for you. 

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