How to Fix QuickBooks Error 64

QuickBooks is amazingly helpful software, to the point that numerous business owners and accounting experts think about it as a basic tool for managing their finances. Nevertheless, there are times when you encounter a problem such as QuickBooks Error Code 64. In situations like these, it is important to determine why this has happened to your system.

This error is genuinely normal and generally occurs when the user makes an attempt to access the company file from their QuickBooks software. Right now, we will list the primary reasons why you are facing it alongside the best and easiest ways to counter it. For some other issues like QuickBooks error 15243 or, to be more specific, QuickBooks error 15101, Please have a look at our blog for some effective solutions.

Cause QuickBooks error 64 occurs

When a user attempts to open a company files on QuickBooks software, you are rather welcomed with a message on your screen which is followed by the immediate termination of the software. Any unsaved information at that point is lost and has to be re-entered. It may not be simple for you to find the specific reason for this issue, which is the reason we have mentioned its primary causes below – 

  • Files and documents identified with the company file have been damaged. This may have occurred because of inappropriate installation. 
  • Your QuickBooks software has not been updated and requires these updates to run properly.
  • In some situations, if some of your PC files are corrupt, they may be causing incorrect linking of files.
  • Your PC is shut down improperly.
  • A malware, spyware or trojan has assaulted your PC. 

Solutions to fix QuickBooks Error 64 

There are many ways by which you can remove QuickBooks error 64. Follow the following steps in the same order as described below –

1. Use the QuickBooks File Doctor 

This software can be download from the official site of QuickBooks and set up in a matter of minutes.  Install this and run it on your PC for help in fixing your issues. To install, simply double click on the .exe file after you have downloaded it and follow all the guidelines in the installation wizard. 

After running the QuickBooks File Doctor software, check on the off chance that you can access the company file. If any damage is detected, it can be fixed by the same software, so there is no need to download and install any other software. When your data file has been repaired, you can continue to restore the backup data of the company file that you want to open. 

2. Try Repair Utility software 

This is a simpler method to resolve the QuickBooks error 64 if you are a novice user. Download and install the tool, following which you need to open it and click on the Scan button. At the point when the scan finishes, simply click on the repair button and reboot your system after it finishes. if you are still not able to open the company files, then proceed to the next solution.

3. Use System Restore to Fix QuickBooks error 64 

This is more of a manual solution as compared with the previous ones however very simple to use nevertheless. Follow the following steps and restore your PC to an earlier point in time: 

  1. Log onto your PC through an admin account. 
  2. Open the Start Menu and explore to System Restore by clicking on the All Programs button at the bottom, followed by the Accessories options and then the System Tools organizer. 
  3. In System Restore, select the option that says “Restore my PC to an earlier time” and then click on the Next button. 
  4. Select the Restore point that is the most appropriate in your situation and confirm by clicking the on Next button. 
  5. Let the restore process finish and then restart your PC.

Withdraw power management settings

Restart the software after your PC has restarted and try to open the company file again. If QuickBooks Error 64 continues, at that point you may need to disable the Power Management configuration. Before doing this, please ensure that no other user is currently on the network. 

For this, open the Control Panel and then click on the Power Option. In it, turn off all of these modes – standby, hibernation, and sleep. Restart the PC immediately so that you can bring these changes into effect.


I hope the above solutions are useful for you to solve QuickBooks error 64. If you are still experiencing this problem or you want to know more about this error, contact our QuickBooks experts at our QuickBooks Support Helpline number. We are providing the best QuickBooks Support. Our experts are always available to provide the best solution to resolve issues related to QuickBooks or its products such as QuickBooks Hosting, Premier, POS, Enterprise and many more.

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