Common Cloud Hosting Mistakes you Must Avoid

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The advent of cloud computing has changed the landscape and business prospects. Instead of building and maintaining large-in-house computer infrastructure, corporations online can store and access everything they need. But cloud computing is cost-effective and boasts many benefits for both businesses and individuals, but it is not without risk.

An increasing number of firms are moving towards cloud-based technologies, but during this migration, it is necessary to be cautious about certain elements, which, if less, may cause harm to the company. There are many benefits to be gained from using the cloud, but there are also some very common mistakes that enterprises often make, by compromising their businesses. Here are the most common cloud mistakes. 

Details of Cloud Hosting Mistakes you Must Avoid

Here below we have explained cloud hosting mistakes you must avoid. Check these given details and know the brief knowledge about it:-

Giving Too Much Access

The cloud has a lot of potential applications. As a result, it can, and often does, host a lot of sensitive information. It is important that companies recognize their vulnerability when storing sensitive data in the cloud, and take adequate steps to protect it.

This includes implementing role-based security to control access to any sensitive data. With this security measure in place, staff members are only privy to the parts of the cloud required to perform their tasks.

Choosing the Wrong Cloud Service Provider 

The common cloud hosting mistake is choosing the wrong cloud service provider. So, when you are choosing the cloud hosting provider then keep these things in your mind while choosing a cloud service provider:-

Cloud Security

Security measures such as two-factor authentication, strong password policy, and data encryption must be provided by the hosting service. It keeps your business data secure.

24 × 7 Customer Support

If you face any issues related to the use of QuickBooks or want to ask questions to get a better grip on the cloud hosting platform, a highly trained assistant should be accessible to guide you. These consultants need to be available 24 × 7, ensuring that users do not face any technical problems or wait for the next working hours to begin.

Server up-time

Uptime is the amount of time that a server is operating and accessible to the user. This time is indicated in terms of percentage. Just those cloud hosting companies that provide advanced cloud infrastructure and are considering ensuring 99.99% uptime.


Multiple users should be able to access data and files from anywhere in the world. Access is required to place any of the Internet-enabled devices.

Data Security

When selecting a cloud hosting service, the security of the provider should be widely explored. This should always be seen as a precautionary aspect as the entire data goes directly into the hands of third parties. Remember, the reliability, trust, and security of the service provider should top the priority list of each SMB.

Unencrypted Data

Another common mistake many companies make is that cloud computing alone is an adequate security measure for their data. Sorry, but this is simply not true. You should continue to encrypt and protect your data even when using a cloud-based system. Think of it this way: Better safe than sorry.

One data security measure you can take is to use 256-bit encryption to rest the data. You can protect encryption keys with an adequate key management solution, and monitor and authenticate the roles assigned to each member of the user base regarding the use of information. Taking such measures protects your company against potential malicious attacks and data breaches.

Moving to the Cloud without Proper Planning and Strategy

Without proper planning, a cloud migration can reduce workload performance and lead to higher IT costs thereby negating some of the main benefits of cloud computing.

Not Able to Estimate the Company’s Bandwidth Requirements

An estimate of the bandwidth capacity of how quickly information is sent over a remote or wired connection. Low data transfer capability resembles a freeway in heavy traffic. Everything eased back down. Similarly, as additional lanes speed up traffic, expanding bandwidth leads to more information flow.

However, correctly estimating bandwidth capacity requirements will avoid you paying more than your business needs, or not buying enough and leading to a moderate connection. To estimate the bandwidth capacity requirements for a business, first, use Internet usage.

Next, take a look at your business growth forecast that Internet bandwidth will meet the needs of expanded usage as your organization grows.

Poor Connectivity

The importance of network connectivity cannot be ignored. This can be a disastrous oversight because cloud access and usage depend on Internet access. Make sure that your company has a reliable network and provider so that you don’t lose productivity or compromise your data.

Presuming the Cloud Service will Back up your Company Data in a Secure Way

You should not assume that your confidential files and business data are protected with a cloud service. It is important to watch out for a cloud hosting service that provides automated backup and recovery solutions.

Business companies should be assured of the security and availability of data. Data needs to be protected even in case of accidental data deletion or natural disaster.

Inability to Take Full Benefit of Cloud Hosting

Now, when you have already opted for a cloud hosting service, you need to take full advantage of the service. There are a lot of features that cloud hosting service provides, you need to be aware of all these and use them in an efficient way to maximize the productivity of your business.

The Final Line

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